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Calligraphies aux frontières du monde islamique

- Séminaire Calligraphies aux frontières du monde islamique
Institut d’art et d’archéologie, rue Michelet, salle Focillon (2e étage)
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- Mardi 17 décembre 2019, 16h-18h, conférence de Cailah Jackson : Calligraphers and Calligraphy inLate Medieval Rūm, 1270s–1370s.

Scholarship concerning the cultural and artistic landscapes of medieval Anatolia has made encouraging progress in recent years. There remains, however, much work to be done concerning the production of the Islamic arts of the book in this period.
This lecture will discuss one aspect of the arts of the book – calligraphy – and explore what we know about scripts and the scribes who produced it. The talk will cover several manuscripts from all over Anatolia, including Konya, Sivas, Istanos (today Korkuteli, near Antalya) and Erzincan. The manuscripts are varied and include Mevlevi texts by Jalal al-Din Rumi and Sultan Walad, Qurans, mirrors-for-princes and historical chronicles. The lecture will outline the local features of naskh, tawqiʿ and muhaqqaq in particular and compare it to the scripts of Mamluk and Ilkhanid neighbours and discuss the use of calligraphy in illuminations and whether there is any evidence of overlap with inscriptions seen in contemporary art and architecture.

Contacts :
Eloïse Brac de la Perrière et Maxime Durocher

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